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The Pink Hotel - Anna Stothard When I saw on the Waterstones Facebook page that they were looking for reviewers for this book I decided to apply for a copy to see what it was like as not one I had heard of before and probably not a book I would have picked myself.

The story begins with the young girl (we never do get to find out what her name is!) turning up in the middle of the wake for her mother, Lily, at the hotel she had run with her husband. She wanders around apparently unnoticed and then walks upto her mother's bedroom where she starts looking through her mother's possessions.

Whilst she was in the bathroom her mother's husband turns up and passes out in the bedroom, so she decides that she'd better leave but before she goes she fills a suitcase with some of Lily's things to take with her.

We then find out that Lily had left when she was just three years old and that she'd never known her so she doesn't know anything about her, she'd simply received a phone call from the hospital telling her that her mother had died. On the spur of the moment she decided to book a plane ticket to Los Angeles to see where her mother had lived.

Through the items in the suitcase she then spends the summer trying to piece together her mothers life to find out exactly who she was and whether they were anything alike.

I have to confess that this one did not really pull me in at all and I found myself skipping on to try and find something to get my teeth into but sadly it never happened.